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Authentic kiiking (2+ ppl)

per person 19.00
  • 1 h
  • GoPro video
  • Photos


Invented in Estonia in 1996, kiiking as a 360 degrees swinging has become one of the most popular experiences to try here. You’ll be fastened to the swing base by feet and to swing, you’ll begin to pump by squatting and standing up on the swing. The swing will gain momentum and will, by skillful pumping, take you over the fulcrum.

Experience includes

  • One time kiiking (apx 5 min)
  • Transport (15 min to spot)

Additional possibilities

  • 1,5 h barbecue at the beach (17 €)
  • 2 h tent sauna and barbecue at the beach (30 €)

After this experience you can choose to take time off and enjoy tent sauna with barbecue at the beach (30 €), which is about 20 min ride from kiiking spot. You can also just choose to have barbecue (17 €). Our bus is equipped with different beach games, waterpipe and activities to spend time with.


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2 Reviews
  • Communication with team
  • Experience itself
  • Transport

avatar - Jul, 13, 2017 -


Must-do when in Estonia! Really fun and boosted much more adrenaline than expected!! Also not time-consuming, all together it was just 45 min with a drive, it was cheap and very authentic. Perfect activity! :))

avatar - Jul, 01, 2017 -


went with my bf and it happened to be slightly scarier than expected :) also it needs a physical durance to get over with it, but we did it ! :) unforgettable experience and something that you wouldn't probably find elsewhere. the drive to the spot was really fun as well, there were 2 people from AddExperiences team picking us up, sharing fun facts about Estonians and we could even do shisha meanwhile :))