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Kart tournament (5+ ppl)

per person 79.00
  • 3
  • 5 h
  • Competitive
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Enjoy an adventurous day by competing with karts, releasing your inner racer skills. On a kart tournament will be found out top racers among your group and 3 winners will be rewarded on pedestal. The track is specially designed for organizing European Championships cups, it’s 1,4 km long and 8 meters wide, the longest straight line being 160 m.

*Price is considered for group of 6 people. Price will be clarified regarding different group sizes.

Experience includes

  • 1 h kart tournament
  • Transport (45 min to spot)

Additional possibilities

  • 700 m drive by UAZ on offroad hills (18 €)
  • 5 min in a rally car simulator (5 €)
  • 5 min drive by a “special car” (13 €)
  • Old car expo visit (5 €)
  • 1,5 h barbecue at the beach (17 €)
  • 2 h tent sauna and barbecue at the beach (30 €)

For additional cost you can experience rally car simulator (5 €), pump up your adrenaline by driving on off -road hills by UAZ (18 €), and for old car enthusiasts there is a unicum cars expo (5 €). When looking for something funny, try the “special car”, which does everything in an opposite direction you suppose to – turns left when you initiate to go left while going slalom (13 €). For brave ones, eyes can be tied and others are there to give directions.

After this adventurous day you can choose to take time off and enjoy tent sauna with barbecue at the beach (30 €), which is about 30 min ride from the vehicles heaven. You can also just choose to have barbecue (17 €). Our bus is equipped with different beach games, waterpipe and activities to spend time with.

*Minimum group size for this experience is 5 and maximum is 8 people. If you are less than 5, send us a request and we’ll work on finding you some company.


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