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Disc golf (2+ ppl)

per person 25.00
  • 5
  • 5 h
  • Competitive
  • Photos
  • Weather dependent


Spend an active day playing one of the most popular sports activities in Estonia at the moment. Disc golf challenges your precision and lets you reach daily steps limit easily in beautiful local nature. Your goal is to throw a flying disc at about 18 targets on the path with as less throws as possible. You will receive 2 discs – one for longer distance throws and one for close throws.

Experience includes

  • 2 h disc golf
  • 2 discs – one for shorter throws and one for longer ones
  • Transport (about 45 min to spot)

Additional possibilities

  • 1,5 h barbeque at the beach (17 €)
  • 2 h tent sauna and barbecue at the beach (30 €)

After this adventurous day you can choose to take time off and enjoy tent sauna with barbecue at the beach (30 €), which is about 20 min ride from disc golf area. You can also just choose to have barbecue (17 €). Our bus is equipped with different beach games, waterpipe and activities to spend time with.


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avatar - Jul, 02, 2017 -


It was great to get to see the Estonian pure nature that everywhere is written about. It really opened up the oportunity to just be in the forest and still have a competitive side to it. Cool game and hope to find it in Portugal soon as well!