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Fatbike adventure (2+ ppl)

per person 37.00
  • 4 h


That unique activity for sure gets you to discover Estonian nature from many perspectives. Pumpy and sandy landscape gives just the right amount of active load during your stay passing by beautiful Estonian forests and beaches. Fatbikes are equipped with wide, between 4″ and 5″, tires.  On such bike, you can burn up to 1,500 calories an hour, but you’ll recover faster than if you went for an hour-long run.

Experience includes

  • 2 h fatbike adventure in nature
  • Transport (1 h to spot)

Additional possibilities

  • Barbeque at the beach (17 €)
  • Tent sauna and barbecue at the beach (30 €)

After the activity, you can choose to take time off and enjoy tent sauna with barbecue at the beach (30 €), which is half an hour ride from the fatbike spot. You can also just choose to have barbecue (17 €). Our bus is equipped with different beach games, waterpipe and activities to spend time with. 


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  • Experience itself
  • Transport

avatar - Jul, 06, 2017 -


let's say it was pretty hard training. ofc depending on your friends, but we wanted to have a little workout by cycling and that was the perfect match. different landscapes and nice scenery from where we have cool gopro photos and videos now.