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Motor paintball (8+ ppl)

per person 65.00
  • 5 h
  • Competitive
  • Photos


Experience an adrenaline boosting activity in the best paintball area in Estonia. Motor paintball is one of the most memorable and original events in Eastern Europe, giving regular paintball a new dimension and more opportunities for battle scenarios. Motor paintball takes usually 1-1,5 h, you’ll drive yourselves and everyone gets 200 paintballs. Also, there is a possibility to buy extra balls at the venue.

Experience includes

  • 1-1,5 h motor paintball with full equipment
  • A car
  • Transport (about 30 min to paintball court)

Additional possibilities

  • 1,5 h barbecue at the beach (17 €)
  • 2 h tent sauna and barbecue at the beach (30 €)

After this adventurous day you can choose to take time off and enjoy tent sauna with barbecue at the beach (30 €), which is about 10 min ride from the paintball field. You can also just choose to have barbecue (17 €). Our bus is equipped with different beach games, waterpipe and activities to spend time with.



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  • Communication with team
  • Experience itself
  • Transport

avatar - Jun, 21, 2017 -


everything was nice, motor paintball was full of adrenaline as promised, but probably we were a bit too few of us to take the most out of this experience. we really liked the team, they are outgoing and cool.