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Old Town adventure by night (1+ ppl)

per person 5.00
  • 2,5 h


Discover Tallinn Old Town on your own pace, following the map with fun activities and must-see sights by night. When opening the package, there are 8 authentic drink suggestions at legendary pubs to try out, 8 fun activities on route to get to know Estonians and 5 beautiful sights which totally live up to Instagram standards. Additionally there are suggestions from locals about clubs and pubs in different styles, and also late night eating places in the city center. Lots of fun and great memories guaranteed!

For receiving the package, just request the date you’ll be in Tallinn and pay it when receiving. We can just come and hand it over or send it to the place you’ll stay beforehand 🙂

5 € price is for one package, so no matter how many of you are doing it together.


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2 Reviews
  • Communication with team
  • Experience itself
  • Transport

avatar - Jun, 25, 2017 -


That's crazy what this package of 5 EUR opened up to us!! Amazing communication with the team- they just took the map with activities to the hostel where we stayed by the time we needed it and they answered any questions. The night we spent was really memorable- Tallinn Old Town is superbeautiful, the tasks on route were superfun, not mentioning quite cool drinks we had!!

avatar - Jul, 05, 2017 -


Now that's something to do in Tallinn by night! We were 3 of us and had a blast- no guide, so we could make our own "jokes" and spend the time so that nobody was waiting for us at spots, the route was really well thought through on the map and the tasks were just hilarious. Loved the burning Vana Tallinn and funny jokes we could laugh at when we needed to approach locals :D