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Swinging at the Song Festival Grounds (2+ ppl)

per person 35.00
  • 45 min
  • GoPro video
  • Photos


Feel the adrenaline boost by jumping off the 25 m high edge to swing. Look how the ground is getting closer and swing ropes pull you softly to the swinging trajectory. That’s something really refreshing and would for sure be one of the highlights among your stay in Estonia.

Experience includes

  • One jump+ swinging  (apx. 10 min)
  • Transport (10 min to spot)


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  • Communication with team
  • Experience itself
  • Transport

avatar - Jul, 06, 2017 -


Wooahh!!! Something scary as hell, but totally worth it! I'd recommend to anyone and it takes just a really little time of your day ;)